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Relentless kindness and understanding is the antidote to extremism, not extreme punishment or intolerance.

For too long we have allowed kindness to be viewed as a weakness. The fear of being taken advantage of, of losing out on the last tube seat, of being the first to apologise, of showing vulnerability, of becoming a victim, has marred our ability to be kind and feel that kindness reflected back. But that’s not how it has to be.

Let’s binge on voices of unity and reason and stop funding those who spread hate and fear.

Let’s challenge ourselves to understand something or someone today that we didn’t understand yesterday.

Let’s recognise that kindness is not weakness. Let’s build relationships and unify communities by acts of kindness, no matter how small.


So please, do what you can. Reach out to someone who seems lonely, challenge prejudice, resist the temptation to consume your news from sources known to spread hate, and dare to imagine a world where we are all driven more by kindness.

I have chosen to support two organisations which I believe are at the forefront of extinguishing hate, building peace and spreading kindness: Victim Support and Stop Funding Hate.

Please join me in supporting their work.


Victims and witnesses of crimes (both terrorism and hate crime) can contact Victim Support 24/7 on
08 08 16 89 111. 




On 29 November 2019 I did everything I could to defeat an armed terrorist. He aimed to spread hate and fear. Myself and others reacted in solidarity to protect those around us.

My name is Darryn and I am the person many of you have seen confronting that terrorist with the tusk of a narwhal alongside others on London Bridge.

Initially I stood back from the media coverage, not wanting to claim the story as my own. Slowly I am now starting to hope that the part I played in those tragic events can be used for good.

I’ve been deeply disappointed to witness the story being used to spread fear and hate. This only serves to increase intolerance and division, which plays neatly into the hands of terrorist organisations.

I want to lend my story and my actions to promote something positive and useful to us all. My heartfelt wish now is that I can use my story to encourage you and anyone else who hears my story to help me extinguish hate.

I didn't have the pleasure of knowing Jack and Saskia but I will always feel the hurt of not being able to save them. In reading about their lives and work I am convinced they represented all that is good in the world. My heart goes out to everyone who knew them.

I'd like to invite you to support Saskia and Jack's donation pages. This is a small way we can celebrate their lives and support their friends and family during their grief.




What Darryn did was clearly extraordinarily brave. But perhaps the greater courage is the way he has approached the event afterwards. He's shown deep compassion for the victims of the attack, and a profound understanding of the difficulties in the situation.

I send all my 
admiration and respect for Darryn's courage and compassion, and wish him even more strength and courage in the great work he intends to do through Extinguish Hate.

Rory Stewart
Independent candidate for Mayor of London



Stop Funding Hate have just launched a training programme to share the tactics of the campaign to community groups and activists across the country.

Every one of us has power as a consumer, and every donation will help more people to use that power to tackle hate. 

We’re honoured to stand with Darryn in his call for unity against hatred and extremism, and we’re deeply moved that he is backing Stop Funding Hate’s work. The bravery of those who took on the London Bridge terrorist at such personal risk is an inspiration to us all. Darryn is right that every one of us has a role to play in challenging hate and healing our divided society.

Rosey Ellum
Co-founder of Stop Funding Hate






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